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JDT Medical Billing, Ltd.


Commercial Insurers and public agencies are using increasingly complex and frequently revised criteria to process your patient billing. When your bills are presented for payment, it should be done with an experts knowledge of the system by which they will be evaluated. When payment is received, you need the expertise of reviewing the payment for fairness and accuracy. JDT Medical Billing offers this expertise and personal attention to each of your patient bills. Equally important, JDT frees you from the need to manage an in-house staff and the excessive management time requirements and financial commitment necessary if you were to do it in your office.


   JDT Medical Billing has 25 years of professional billing experience. JDT is one of approximately 10 billing companies who have served on the Medicare Advisory Board in the State of Illinois. JDT was ranked as a gold medallist billing service by Medicare, the highest ranking available, and we are currently a charter member of the Healthcare Billing & Management Association, an association of billing company owners nationwide. As a result, JDT has developed contacts with the various carriers over that time to expedite the physician's payment.

JDT has extensive experience with numerous specialties. We are particularly adept in working with the following practices:

* Chiropractic* Neurology
* Family Medicine* Obstetrics & Gynecology
* Internal Medicine* Ophthalmology
* Mental Health* Psychiatry
* Multi-Specialty* Psychology


  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Jonnae Topper, JDT Medical Billing, Ltd. at (773) 275-4800 or simply send an email to JDT Medical Billing. 







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