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JDT Medical Billing, Ltd.


JDT is currently HIPAA compliant. 


  • Services: Enter and submit claims to commercial insurance, Medicare and Medicaid electronically on a daily basis.
  • Follow Up: Follow-Up with all third party carriers on unpaid balances. Overdue bills are worked at approximately 60 days from the date billed if payment has not been received.
  • Patient Bills: Patients are sent monthly statements.
  • Reports: Financial Reports are sent monthly. Should there be a particular reporting requirement that is not addressed in the standard reports, JDT can provide reports customized to meet your exact needs.
  • In House Programming: This capability allows us to create custom reports or features to meet any reporting or tracking needs.
  • Remote Access: JDT offers remote access to our clients. This capability allows the client to access the JDT server via a secure internet access. Many clients find it helpful to keep this screen up at the front desk to view any balance due from the patient at the time of the office visit. This also allows the client to review patient accounts and current patient demographics.
  • Audit Trail: JDT offers both a front end and back end audit trail. This ensures that all services that are submitted to JDT have been posted and that payments posted match bank deposits.



JDT charges clients on a percentage of collection basis. The percentage is dependent upon the size and type of the practice. Further information may be obtained in a confidential telephone call with JDT.


Contact Information

 For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Jonnae Topper, JDT Medical Billing, Ltd. at (773) 275-4800 or simply send an email to JDT Medical Billing. You may also use the email form by clicking on Contact Us or by clicking on the envelope icon above.


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